Comparison of Hyundai Santa Fe and Land Rover Freelander: who will win?

ComparisonNot every car will be able to compete with Land Rover Freelander, but well-known Korean brand is not afraid to challenge the legendary car. That’s what came together on this earth in a duel “upstart” from the Korean manufacturer – Hyundai Santa Fe – and a true legend of the British Isles.

What can be expected from the demure Santa Fe? After all, everyone knows how cool is Freelander! Such car can be compared to a model, that’s only for refueling of the first one not a stimulant is needed, but high-quality diesel fuel – 10 liters per hundred kilometers.

What speaks in favor of Korean car? Due to what it will be able to get ahead? All hopes of test are associated with a powerful motor. And they are completely justified! Korean manufacturers are encouraging buyers by the constantly improving of technical characteristics of their vehicles.

Purchaser Santa Fe is equipped with excellent diesel engine, which allows on 1.5 seconds faster than the opponent to disperse the car to hundreds of kilometers. Korean car with the same volume gives on 16 Newton meters and 47 hp more than its competitor. Already at the start English car starts hopelessly stay away. Who could say that the “prude” will be “with a twinkle?”