What are the covers for car?

We need the covers for three reasons.

  • Protection of the car interior;
  • The changing of tone of the original seats to more original or practical.
  • Updating an refreshment of interior.

covers for carSome motorists prefer leather to all materials. It is prestigious and stylish, but too hot in summer and cold in winter.

An increasing number prefer the covers, made of natural materials (cotton, flax or wool). It is believed that they create an organic microclimate in the car interior.

We should pay special attention to the velour covers. Now they’re imported in large numbers from China, Turkey, Canada and the US. But it is recognized that American and Canadian velour is the most durable. It is based on cotton fabric, with a synthetic coating on the top. There are different colors and length of fibers. The only disadvantage of the velour covers is their intensive spaying.