55w 5000K HID’s vs 8000K Toyota Camry SE headlights

Okay guys was going home. And back to you again sooner give you a little example demonstration near. Above some mates headlights color temperatures. Are Why HID Things that nature. Arm Well I have A smile Toyota Camry 2009. Sultan. SE motto red color as you can see. Arm also have a 2009 Honda accord as you probably see one of my other articles. How sad HID delights in those as well. And my Honda accord I have. 6000 color temperatures but they’re 35 watt balances and thought about what bulks.

Toyota Camry SE headlightsHere in the area 2009 Toyota Camry I have it all which is closer to the stock halogen 55 watt bulb. So if you guys were wondering seen videos on you too and none of them really talks about it describes it. You know the differences. Now when I first purchased this car I had when I bought. You know perches on eBay the 55 why and I want it and I really don’t like the blue I don’t like it to bloom. Are some places you know certain cops will mess with you about it these 2 blue you know a thousands the 6 thousands. Arm. So what I did was I when I purchase of 5000. Color temperature kit Indy 51. For my both high beams me both my low beams and my father lights they are the same book 2009 Camry headlights. On. And. The result of that is what you see at the bar. Those are. 5000K 55 were a tad these right there. Now if you look at on 5000 K. a lot of people will.

You know I think that it’s it’s diamond white but that’s at 35 why. At 55 whites. It’s almost like an amber like how that looks like a regular halogen below and to you get up next to a vehicle warehousing but it’s pretty close it’s. It has a little. You know yellowish tint to it. So. What I did was I just took a bold move. And how do you go to 6000 I went to 8000 only because again. 55 what versus 35 why. Because I figured if I have 5000 in my Honda. And they look you know dime a light or what a slight bluish tint. At 35 why this is how they look at 551. Now this is 8000 K. that I just purchased I just got that you know just the box. 1000 K And this is how they look. It’s a 55 wide. 1000 K. HID Well Versus a 55 wide 5000 K. at people. Now these look diamond white only will look blue like you get certain H. ID. 35 white 1000 hits. They all look better have a blue guy may have a slight lieutenant but is more of a.

You know area again like a 5000, 6000 K. it’s in between there. I mean look you real good. I’m really happy. With the results on my ordered. The ones for the bottom they actually sent me 3000 K. so I had to send those back so I guess they got the green a mixed up but I begin now aids for the bottomless well I guess he has one show you a quick demonstration of hot it looks. Are also guys and another quick demonstration are why had this video up if you guys have. Try if you guys have 1 eighties from I believe 07 to 2011. Came here trying to figure out how do you change the front turn signals or the I. park lights if is if you don’t mind boggling because you can’t get it to it from. BR inside like you could headlights. The high low beat you get in here from the inside. Actually you have to do like you would the Falklands. They go into it. From the fender well. Yeah will pull this bag and if you pull it back at the top you’ll see. But that’s a guy’s.