2015 Dodge Durango Review

Hello everybody money’s going stuck in merger I which over crusher now we’re located the auto mall just off the 41 until very interior. Today I’m out here at the lighthouse cold just outside until very. And I want to show you one of our new arrivals here on the lot it’s one of our pre owned vehicles. The 2015 Dodge Durango. So this is the 2015 Dodge Durango limited. 3.6 liter V6 engine. Leather interior black leather interior. 38000 climbers on it. You can see here beautiful spot at the end of the day at the pier at the lighthouse. Anybody over there musky fishing. It’s going under the hood here. It is a 3.6 pentastar engine 290 horsepower. 260 foot pounds of torque. With the V6, Give you good gas mileage. As you drive down the highway was nice water engine is everything you need to look at is in yellow there’s a dipstick in the top. Your antifreeze.

2015 Dodge DurangoYour windshield washer fluid. Everything else. Allow our license technicians here to bring pressure. To look after vehicle take care of all your service needs. But the real the vehicle you know system has the the backup sensors. It also has the backup camera. It’s an all wheel drive system sort all wheel on demand. A source it was split into 4 wheel drive as a vehicle senses slippage. A co characteristics characteristic of the Dodge Durango is Z. LED race track lighting around the backs wet night it’s got a distinctive look. When your tail lights. Are on your headlights for Dodge Durango, are on Coming on to the side. It’s got the 20 inch rims Tires. The roof rails that are integrated into the side rails are integrating the roof rails. So Everybody that were inside the vehicle now and again what crash does have everything rate front and center nice and easy to use easy to read I will start up here in the in the dash area you’ve got the instrument panels all a thin film technology. Easy to change the 4 buttons over here you’ll go from climbers per hour to miles per hour the switch of a button. You’ve got the up and down arrows which take.

Through different processes through here I you check your fuel economy. You can look at your trip operator Palmer be your music. If you all the information here at your front your tachometer speedometer all your gauges their. Cruise controls on thumb control the U. connecting appear telephones the radio talk hands free. You’ve got the paddle shift which allows you to see. 2 out manually go through your gears are kind of a sport mode even audio controls the back a steering column turns radio up and down change channels. You’ve got the music station over here we can plug any USB port arrogant auxiliary are nasty card for extra music. You’re all the hidden controls everything it took fingertips. I got a nice 8.4 screen on this 8.4 screens where your backup camera shows up with act of god I was active guidelines. Now you’ve got the Arab media center seam player different sources you get the heat seeking the steering wheel. You’ve got navigation built on to this one. Seeing kia designation and away you go and then you can change some your personal settings to make the vehicle cutting your own. At up top you just got your sunroof up top here.

Again it’s got all the amenities. I think I might point out is the dual DVD system in the back of a head rest very nice system you use. In all of our Dodge Durango is there’s lots of safety features are active or advanced multi stage airbags. The park assess. For anti lock disc brakes. I brake assist. Other trailer dampening electronic roll mediation. Automatic headlights and on Celebrities enjoyment is the 2015 Dodge Durango I don’t want your kind of doesn’t really love the opportunity to show you this vehicle in prayer in person. So if you’re interested in it my contact information that will follow. Feel free to give me a call I may not have this 1 in stock you may be gone but I’ll do my my best to have something else or find something else for you so again in English Tekken merger and I’m what’s over a Chrysler were located in the auto mall just off the 41 until very Ontario thank you watch my video and I look for to hear from.